Where Can Teens Find Summer Jobs in Boston, MA
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Where Can Teens Find Summer Jobs in Boston, MA

If you are a parent looking for ways to get your teen off the couch and away from the TV, video games, or computer, the following article offers suggests on where to find seasonal and summer jobs. This article covers seasonal and summer jobs for teens living in the Boston, Massachuesetts area.

School is out and summer vacation is here and your teenager is either playing video games, watching TV, or spending long hours in front of the computer.  For most parents this is unacceptable, and at times frustrating.  On the other hand while many teens are eager to work, summer jobs are hard to come by. 

As adults looking back on our teen years, we remember our first job.  Having a job not only puts money in our pockets but gave us a sense of pride, helped us to gain confidence, and gave us  responsibility.  How can parents help their teens find summer jobs?   The first places to look for work always start at local restaurants and retail stores.  However, there are opportunities that you may have  overlooked. 


If your teen is having difficulty finding a job this summer, why not try volunteering.  Volunteering not only gets your teen out of the house and away from the TV or computer, but gives them leadership skills, experience, and a chance to network.   The Boston Youth Zone website offers these  suggestions to help get your teen’s job search started.

Boston Youth Fund

The Boston Youth Fund Hopeline is a summer job program which is opened to teens ages 15-17.  Teens must register during February and March and will be selected for job placement through July by lottery.

Phone: 617-635-4202

Website: www.BostonYouthZone.com/teenzone/employment/byf

ABCD Summer Work

ABCD Summer Work employs youths ages 14-21 at a nonprofit organizations around Boston.  Jobs include answering the phone or helping at a local daycare.  To learn more about the organization and pick up an application, visit your local ABCD office; or contact by phone or visit their website.

Phone: 617-348-6548

Website: www.BostonABCD.org

Boston Cares

Boston Cares leads and  creates projects each month and allows people to volunteer whenever they can.  This is a great way for teens to give back to their community and gain experience.  To find out more information about the program and search for volunteer opportunities, visit www.bostoncares.org.

Another great resource for summer work is Volunteer Solutions.  Volunteer Solutions matches’ individuals with volunteer opportunities in their area.  Visit http://volunteersolutions.org, to find a volunteer opportunity in your area.

Fun Summer Job Ideas

Usually the first places teens look for jobs are at fast food restaurants and retail stores.  However, there are other options you may not have considered. 

  • Work at a miniature golf course
  • Lifeguard at a pool
  • Lake lifeguard Counselor at a summer day camp
  • Work at an outdoor music venue
  • Collecting money at a beachside parking lot
  • Work at an amusement park

These are just a few ideas to help teens in the Boston area to enter the work force this summer.  Even if they can’t find a job that pays, participating in volunteer opportunities is a great way to help teens gain experience, gain confidence, and build their resume. 


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