Preparing for a Job Interview After College
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Preparing for a Job Interview After College

It is sad to see that some job applicants particularly after graduating from college are unaware on what to expect on the day of the interview. It is but natural to feel nervous but since you badly needed a job you must be prepared. Preparing for a job interview makes you tensed but if you are confident then there is nothing to worry about.

There are various things to prepare before applying. Here are some tips.

l  Before the interview you must be ready with your resume. Highlight the important and detailed information about your experiences. Keep your resume clean and neatly typed. Make sure your picture is clear and new not blurred. Have your photo taken by a professional photographer so why not try going to a studio and make a professional-looking picture. Do not forget to add some character references. You will need them for their support. Sometimes future bosses check on your previous employers. Prepare a resume that is interesting and not sloppy. Always remember that a resume represents you.

l  This is advisable for both men and women. You are going to meet your future employer so might as well dress appropriately. Hair must not be oily. For women who have long hair they may want to try the pony tail style so as not to cover your face. Avoid wearing dangling earrings and bangles. Less makeup is recommended and light lipstick. Blush should be medium toned. As for the men, hair must not be greasy too. Have a hair cut if necessary. Shorter is better simply because it is neat and clean to look at. Remove tattoos if you have or better yet wear long sleeves to cover them. Wear shoes that are comfortable and not noisy. Walk properly and be conscious of your posture.

Being ready is also being confident. Nobody knows yourself but you than anyone else in this world. Taking a deep breath will help you ease tension and nervousness. Maintain eye contact and don’t hesitate to ask questions. This will give the employer an impression that you are in fact interested to have a working relationship with them. And this will be favorable for you. Don’t slouch and sit straight. Put up a smile to cover up your uneasiness.

l  First impression lasts. Show your real personality. A job interview is also fun if you know what to do. You don’t have to pretend that you know everything even if you don’t. Put your best foot forward especially at job interviews.

l  Make a research about the company that you are applying for. A job applicant who studied and learned what his or her prospective company does has a great edge over the others.

One final tip, you may want to get a job right after you graduate from college so take the application process seriously. Remember, you are applying for a job and preparation for it does not have to be complicated like what the others are thinking. A job interview is like selling yourself so put your best foot forward!



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Comments (1)

Be sure of yourself, of what you know and the skills that you can bring in to the company.  It is wrong to go there unprepared.