Job Scam Alert on CraigsList
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Job Scam Alert on CraigsList

Plenty of online and office job opportunities await skilled and talented individuals on Craigslist job advertisement. It is just a matter of identifying which is legit and which is not. Be on guard always. Dont get scammed!

Craigslist provides broad sources of job opportunities worldwide. There are indeed authentic job openings, however the site is likewise flooded with scams that you need to be aware of. If the job advertisement offers a very high and unbelievable compensation, then it is time for you to think twice. Be sure whether it is legit or not before you disclose important and personal information.

If the offered compensation looks too good to be true, chances are, it is. Generally, you will see job openings seeking administrative assistant or customer representative and promising a $70,000 per year compensation. Oftentimes, these ads are faked. Responding to these advertisements will enable you to receive emails asking you to invest your own money, just like a pyramid scheme or you will also receive scam jobs. There are some job postings that are not real but another new ad that will open to spam in your message inbox.

Refrain from filling out forms. There are some job opportunities that once you respond to their email, they usually send you a link to sites that requires you to fill up forms, more likely this ad is faked. Their strategy is only to get your personal information and sometimes they reach the point of asking your Social Security Number, Credit Card Number and even your bank account number. Forms that require your provider and cellular phone number are certainly scams and should be ignored.

Another way to determine if the job opening is a scam is if the job description or detail is a little skethy. Also, if it does not provide a specific location and no specific job description about the position is mentioned. Another clue is, if their only requirement for an applicant is that he should be a self-starter and highly motivated and nothing else. This is weird and more likely a scam.

Don’t worry if you have responded to a scam advertisement. Just be certain that you had not filled-up and disclosed important and personal information. Likewise, if you have forwarded your resume, there is nothing to worry about it. Scammers are lazy and they don’t have time going all over your information. What they just want is for you to fill up the form and visit their links.

If you are certain that the advertisement is a scam, you can flag it on the Craigslist. But don’t generalize because there are also plenty of legitimate and genuine job opportunities on craigslist.

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