How to Write an Email Cover Letter
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How to Write an Email Cover Letter

Emails have become an acceptable method of sending a cover letter with many companies specifically requesting an email cover letter. Find out how to write an email cover letter that will get you noticed.

Emails have become an acceptable method of sending a cover letter with many companies specifically requesting an email cover letter. Find out how to write an email cover letter that will get you noticed.

A cover letter outlines to a potential employer who you are, the purpose of the letter, your skills and qualification. Overall it is a method of introducing yourself to the employer and one of the first ways you can create a positive impression.

Here are some tips on how to write an email cover letter:

Get the correct email address:

If you can find the email address of the person in charge of hiring (usually the HR department) you will have better luck of getting your cover letter seen by the people who matter. You can phone the company in advance and ask for the name and email address of the supervisor.

Avoid ‘dear sir/madam’ or even worse ‘to whom it may concern’ as a way of opening your cover letter. Doing this reflects negatively on you and often could result in your cover letter being binned. Find a person working in the company to address your email cover letter to.

Subject line:

The subject line is one of the first indications as to what the email is going to be about. Be direct by writing the email subject in the subject line. You can get creative and use it to sell your skills (Experienced Professional Freelance Writer, Available to start immediately) or be direct and write the job that you are applying for.

The introductory paragraph:

The opening paragraph allows you the chance to introduce yourself. Tell the potential employer who you are, the position you’re applying for (and reference number if any) and where you saw or heard about the position opening.

Keep the introductory/opening paragraph reasonably short and preferably 3-4 sentences long. Keeping this paragraph too long will bore your reader.

Overview of your skills and education:

The next paragraph will give a brief overview of your skills, experience and education level. If you are currently employed you should give this information or that of your last employment.

The training or education that you have in the particular field should also be included. Note that you do not need to write all of your work history or education. Just select the major points that highlight your skill level.

Concluding/ closing paragraph:

Finally you should end with a closing paragraph that should include information as to when you are ready to start. Let your potential employer know that you are attaching your CV with the email.

The closing paragraph should also encourage your potential employer to take some action after reading your email cover letter. You may wish to indicate that you are available for an interview or that they can contact you through different methods (telephone, email address they will have or through a letter).

Once you have completed the cover letter you need to then type ‘yours sincerely’ and type your full name. After this go through the email and check for any spelling mistakes.

An email cover letter is similar to an ordinary cover letter apart from the fact that it speedily reaches the recipient. Like ordinary cover letters an email cover letter is a chance for you to show a potential employer why you are suitable for the position you are applying for so don’t waste the opportunity.

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Great share! Some useful guidelines for writing an Email cover letter when inquiring about an employment opportunity with potential employers. Thanks for the tips. Voted up

Thank you Donata