How to Find Land That Job
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How to Find Land That Job

Tough Times Can Be Good Times For Finding A Job.

These are tough economic times we live in; future generations will know it as The Great Recession. As in the Great Depression, fortunes were lost, and fortunes were also made. Your present unemployment status is really at the best possible time. Opportunity abounds for the right candidate looking for work. Out of work and looking for employment in a down economy can offer more job opportunities than in a robust economy. 

Some companies use a downturn in the economy to cut forces for greater profits, as opposed to firing and laying-off out of necessity. The majority of companies do cut forces due to the lack of business. In both these situations there are employment opportunities in most companies, particularly during tough times, because there is always room in any company for a good man or woman. Companies are People, and its People are the determining factor in every company's success or failure. It's this thinking that you must take into the interview and your first job is to convince your potential employer that you can, and will add to the success of the company.


First, in order to find and land the job, you must view finding the job as a job. Plan each day as though finding a job is your job, and it should be at least a forty hour work week starting early each morning. Mornings are best for making calls to companies to set-up interviews. The earlier the better for the interview. If you can arrange interviews in the afternoons leaving the mornings to set up your interviews you'll get into a routine that'll soon land the job. So treat finding your job as your job working at least forty hours each week. Set a goal each week for the number on interviews, and make it happen.


The right resume is the one that's right for the position you're seeking. Have different Resumes for the different positions  being offered. Make sure you fit the job description you are seeking with your written Resume. Make sure its as current as it can be.


Dress for Success as the axiom states. Make sure your appearance is neat and clean, and representative of the position you're seeking. Make sure your appearance is something the company interviewing you will view you as: fitting-in. If you're applying for a position in Walmart, make sure you dress like you shop at Walmart.


As in the Army: "Be All That You Can Be".

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