Five Easy Ways of Finding a Job
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Five Easy Ways of Finding a Job

Follow these steps and you shouldn't have a problem to find a job.

It's the 21st Century;the age of the computer. Many people neglect to realize this is their most powerful tool in getting connected to finding a better job. There are many websites available to help you on your conquest of leaving the realm of unemployment. Below, I've compiled a five-step process on how you can be competitive in the job market, and if you receive a job from this guide, please let me know!

Go Online- Many businesses often advertise their jobs online, in hopes or reaching a wider market. Most websites are very easy to apply to, and often shorten the application process altogether. When I first moved to Georgia, I knew no one, and didn't really have any idea where I should apply to. I joined a few sites online, to include, a few hours after applying for a job on snagajob I received a phone call from the employer, and the next day I had a job.

Talk to the Owner- Going online is an effective step, however most employers like to see people who take the initiative to come in and introduce themselves. I applied to World Market the other day, and the manager put my application to the top of the pile, just because I came in and introduced myself after I had applied. Employers like to see you do something that isn't necessary.

Apply Everywhere - In a downed economy we cannot afford to be picky in the job market. Many of us are forced to go out of our comfort range, and apply for a job we may not necessarily enjoy. However, it's better to be getting some sort of income, than none at all. What most people do, is apply for these 'junk jobs' and then when something better comes around, leave. Employers don't necessarily like this, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Have a Solid Resume - If you think your resume looks good, have a friend look it over. You may have missed out on something, that could potentially cost you a job. Have plenty of references that you can rely on. I recommend having 3-4 references. In your resume, make sure you have a solid objective, and tell your employer about your strengths, and any awards you may have. Make sure your resume is clean of any grammar or punctuation problems. Double check to make sure everything is correct.

Interview Time- When it comes down to getting that job, many employers won't just hire you on the spot. Many will want to sit down and talk to you, get to know you. Make sure you always dress nice when you go, i'm not talking formal, just a button up shirt and khakis if you're a guy, dress if you're a girl. Employers like to see that you take care of yourself. When you're being asked question be very articulate with the way you talk. It's ok to be nervous, but don't be a living earthquake.

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