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Looking for Information technology jobs in US? Need to start a career in information technology? This article will show you where you should look for them.
Published by Shanmugam Piramanayagam 95 months ago in Job Searching | +11 votes | 32 comments
This article emphasizes the similarities between the job hunting process for writers and people belonging to other professions.
Published by Pinar Tarhan 102 months ago in Job Searching | +11 votes | 18 comments
Job searching education to assist in finding a career. A job seekers guide to use to search for the work you want.
Published by Roberta Baxter 89 months ago in Job Searching | +23 votes | 17 comments
Job searches are done here for anyone looking for ideas right on this list. Pick a job and begin employment now.
Published by Roberta Baxter 82 months ago in Job Searching | +32 votes | 16 comments
Job seekers, keep in mind that if you have gap(s) in your work history, you will need to be able to explain them to a potential employer at some point during the interview process.
Published by Donata L. 90 months ago in Job Searching | +31 votes | 16 comments
Many job seekers are finding it rather difficult to snag a permanent job opportunity due to the slow down in the economy. However, you can help turn a temporary job opportunity into a permanent vocation.
Published by Donata L. 83 months ago in Job Searching | +37 votes | 15 comments
Students look forward to their summer break to have fun, get a relief from schoolwork, spend time with family and friends, and to also find a job. Some students opt to get a jump-start on their job search before the summer break because they do realize the job market is very competitive today and many are finding it difficult to find work. However, some companies are still good about hiring college students during the summer because they know most are reliable and will accept minimum wage for t...
Published by Donata L. 79 months ago in Job Searching | +12 votes | 13 comments
Online recruitment is by far the most popular method for finding potential employees and for applicants to search and apply for jobs at any hour of the day. Online recruitment is fast, convenient, efficient, and cost effective for employers. However, there are some disadvantages associated with online recruitment for both the employers and the job seekers. This article explains the downside of online recruitment.
Published by Donata L. 78 months ago in Job Searching | +29 votes | 12 comments
Contacting the employer by phone shows a high-degree of professionalism and respect on your part if you have no intentions on accepting the job offer. You should also confirm your decision by writing a letter to the individual who offered you the job.
Published by Donata L. 87 months ago in Job Searching | +34 votes | 12 comments
It has been very difficult for some to find suitable work due to intense competition in the job market. Many dislocated and displaced workers have turned to temporary agencies to help them get back into the workforce. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?
Published by Donata L. 93 months ago in Job Searching | +15 votes | 12 comments
Job fairs are perfect opportunities in which you can meet with potential employers who are seeking to hire within their organizations. This is your moment to showcase your talents and skills to multiple employers that interest you.
Published by Donata L. 89 months ago in Job Searching | +25 votes | 11 comments
A phone interview allows an individual the opportunity to showcase his/her skills and talents to an employer before a face-to-face interview.
Published by Donata L. 90 months ago in Job Searching | +22 votes | 11 comments
This article list the advantages of online recruitment for the employer and the job seeker. Advanced technology has changed the way employers search for candidates and job applicants search for jobs. Whereas traditional recruitment practices could take up to a week or more to receive responses from candidates, advanced recruitment allows the company recruiter to post jobs on the web and receive responses from applicants within seconds. The recruiter can begin reviewing resumes as he/she receives...
Published by Donata L. 78 months ago in Job Searching | +26 votes | 10 comments
Organizations use different methods to recruit new people. Placing a job-ad in the papers or the Internet is the least preferred method organizations use to recruit. What can a job seeker do to maximize the chance of getting a job?
Published by Rana Sinha 99 months ago in Job Searching | +27 votes | 10 comments
Bombay, born again with a new name Mumbai, is the commercial and entertainment capital of India. There are plenty of job opportunities in and around the city if a person is ready to adjust himself to the diverse and exotic life of the city.
Published by +Paulose 82 months ago in Job Searching | +14 votes | 9 comments
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