26 Jobs Available For Job Searchers
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26 Jobs Available For Job Searchers

Job searches are done here for anyone looking for ideas right on this list. Pick a job and begin employment now.

Here are 26 unique jobs ideas for searchers to accept, for extra income now.

Many people are looking for a second income.These can be for a permanent solution to that search or just to supply some extra cash when needed and the job is there for the asking.  Sometimes it is just a little something that can supplement requirements. Take a look at these unique ideas for part time jobs for everyone. Some are for adults while others,  teen children can do with no or little supervision. Maybe some of these ideas will prompt an original thought for you or a part time job for someone looking. The best part about some of these job ideas is the fact that you can name your price for the service. At times barter can be done so no money is exchanged.

1.   dog walking

2.   adult or baby sitting,

3.   shovel snow or leaves, cut grass

4.   deliver groceries to shut ins

5.   clerk in store for holidays all year(Christmas, Valentine's day, Mother's Day etc.)

6.   Be  a gofer for a parts store to customers

7.   Start or be a part of messenger service in town

8.   House sitting while residents are away.

9.   Plant care, in your home or theirs, for vacationers.

10.  Pet care for vacationing neighbors.

11.  Daily walk by outside of  house care for snow bird's residence

12.  House cleaning service for businesses

13.  House cleaning service for home or apt. owners

14.  Supply office supplies to business when needed.

15.. If you own a truck, advertise it for lease with driver for moving, hauling etc.

16.  Type resume, school thesis etc.

17.  Knit or crochet for events in your area. ie, fairs or bazaars

18.  Check local business for any help they might know that you are not aware.

19.  Put out and bring in garbage and cans for neighbors.

20.  Offer to repaint numbers on mailboxes.

21.  Clean up after construction crews after days work.

22.  Sell  paintings, poems and other personal created items.

23.  Offer handyman skills in your area

24.  Photograph scenery and sell at church events or other appropriate places.

25.  Provide a call service to find homes for sheltered animals needing homes.

26.  Mother's helper. Assist in duties at home for newly delivered moms, surgical mothers etc

When creativity is initiated,  a ready made job can be there for the right person. In the job market, the interested and serious person finds the job or makes one for themselves.

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Comments (16)

Good job ideas!

Lots of good ideas. Voted

I just helped my son get a job for this spring cleaning up construction sites this summer. These are good ideas you have listed. I will come back to give you a vote.

Great suggestion to vote up.

Revisiting for a vote and stumbled it.

bake cakes and pastries for supper occasions mow grass, do handyman jobs, clean schools or hospitals, do errands or drive shut ins, sell stuff on ebay, tutor kids with their homework etc

Good ideas for people wanting to create jobs for themselves.

liked it htanks, vot

A great list to choose from for job seekers..

Nice list! Good ideas for the entrepreneur! :D GREAT job.. .buzzing and voting.

The bottom line, Roberta, is that if someone really wants to work, there are ways for them to earn money.

People with ambition can always find extra income! This is an innovative list.

Nice ideas to do something and earn for it without wasting your time.Thanks.

Excellent tips, Roberta :D

Great tips and ideas during these tough times.

Beautifully composed, Roberta. This will help out many.