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Established in the early 1980s, Highland Mint is a mint that makes and sells sports memorabilia made from precious and non-precious metals. They are able to make all of their products in-house due to their large selection of tools and dies. Their products include bronze, silver and gold mint cards and they have expanded their product line to include medallions. More recently, they have started selling a variety of fully licensed sports and non-sports collectables which include photo mints and mi...
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Today's job market is challenging. You have the perfect resume, sent out dozen of resumes, and you have the credentials. However, you are not getting an invitation to an interview. Instead of spinning your wheels so to speak, it is time to examine why you aren't getting called for an interview. The following article gives suggestions on how you can improve on your resume, cover letter, and other important skills in the job search process.
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If you are a parent looking for ways to get your teen off the couch and away from the TV, video games, or computer, the following article offers suggests on where to find seasonal and summer jobs. This article covers seasonal and summer jobs for teens living in the Boston, Massachuesetts area.
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Crown Awards sells awards and trophies for hundreds of sports and events from 1st place to yoga and including fantasy football, karate, cheerleading, bowling, handball, scholastic achievements, and Bible quizzing. Crown Awards also sells awards, crystals and acrylics for employee and corporate events. You can have their custom department create the perfect award for your company with your company's logo. You can search for an award by: Trophies Plaques Medals and Dogtags Corporate Awards ...
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Search for a suitable job is a great challenge in one's life. Unless you are well equipped you cannot face this great challenge of securing a job. You have to be aware of the qualifications and characters expected from you. There are professionally developed psychometric tests that are available today. You can be confident and face the interviews with the help of developing your skills in the psychometric tests.
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One always has to keep hos resume up to date so that job seekers have more opportunity and are not cast aside. Also one does not want to let someone else get the job with less experience because their resume is better than yours. Training and targeted job searches are two key factors in finding employment.
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New Rochelle, New York-based Steiner Sports Marketing & Memorabilia is one of the leading providers of sports marketing services and authentic sports memorabilia, working with individual collectors, retail stores and corporate entities. World-famous Steiner Sports is perhaps best known for its authentic hand-signed sports collectibles, boasting of exclusive autograph signing deals with such famous athletes as Mariano Rivera, Eli Manning, Derek Jeter, Henrik Lundqvist and Mark Teixeira.&...
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The Resumator is a great tool that companies can use to make the hiring process easier. The Resumator will automate posting new job openings, gathering resumes, and keeping track of the entire hiring process. You will also get a fully functional website with your company logo and colors. With your career website, job candidates can answer pre-designed questions or questions you design. Job applicants can apply directly to your job openings from your website. The Resumator gives you the following...
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How to conduct a job search in Canada. I will help you find a job in Canada. The Canadian job search is tough, but it can be conquered with tips. This is a tip list and guide to finding a job in Canada. The Canadian guide to job searches. Canada is an easy place to find a job when using the right techniques. Building relationships is the key to conducting a job search.
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Jacksonville, Florida-based Washington Huskies Team Shop ( is the official merchandising arm for licensed University of Washington Huskies products. Washington Huskies Team Shop features a huge selection of licensed Huskies apparel and accessories for men, women, kids, infants, toddlers and anyone else who count themselves a University of Washington fan or supporter. Among the offerings are: Men's Sweatshirts & Fleece Men's Jerseys Men's Shoes & Socks Men's ...
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Northbrook, Illinois-based Texas Longhorns Official Team Shop is the official online venue for licensed University of Texas Longhorns merchandise. Texas Longhorns Official Team Shop offers a vast array of official "Hook 'Em Horns" apparel, novelties and collectibles for men, women, kids, toddlers and infants. Among the selections are: Men's Footwear Men's Shirts Men's Jackets Women's Swimsuits Women's Hats Women's Jerseys  Toddler Apparel  Autographed Photos Novelties, Toys ...
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Are you a high school student contemplating what course to take in college this coming enrollment period? Do you know that there are factors that you need to consider before making the decision? The article below is a must-read for you to ensure that you get the job you want in the future. After all, you want to get hired as fast as possible and earn a good salary to recoup your parent's investment.
Published by Patrick Regoniel 49 months ago in Job Searching | +0 votes | 0 comments is a company based in Oklahoma that offers an array of fully licensed sports collectibles, genuine team merchandise as well as official fan logo paraphernalia. For over 10 years in the business they have provided the ultimate sports fans with NCAA, NBA, NFL, NASCAR, MLB and more merchandise, gifts and apparel. The team logo merchandise they are offering is suitable for office, patio, home, pool, and garden embellishments. ChampionsOnDisplay is a not a huge commerce, there...
Published by Sasha Brown 51 months ago in Job Searching | +0 votes | 0 comments is the specialist of collegiate and pro merchandise on the Internet. It has over 300,000 products for over 3,000 schools and teams. They are an excellent source for College Apparel, Merchandise, Campus Gear and Graduation Gifts etc. The site contains search links and product display of merchandise sold at – top eCommerce shopping site. It is moreover an affiliate site. Since they college themed merchandise, they are able to get targeted sales in the niche market....
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Replay Photos is an online website dedicated on providing high quality picture and shots of great and favorite moments from the world of sport. People always wonder and wish that they could capture a certain moment in a game to cherish with their friends and. Well, Replay Photos has taken wish and come up with a practical solution. Customers can have these moment brilliance printed as photo, as a college campus collection or even as a subway art.
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